Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramento Grid 2.0:


What is the purpose of this study?

The goal of Sacramento Grid 2.0 is to review the current state of the Grid and determine what improvements should be made to the Grid to create an efficient transportation network that accommodates all modes of transportation and meets the City’s vision of economic development and livability in the Central City.

There are many planned projects for the downtown and midtown areas such as additional bridges across the Sacramento and American River, new light rail extension to the Airport, streetcar and many others. Will this study take those plans into consideration?

Yes, Sacramento Grid 2.0 will consider the planned projects that are identified in the City’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the City’s General Plan.

What transportation improvement projects will this study consider?

The study will consider a wide range of projects and programs to improve circulation and access for all travel modes on the streets in the grid, including the following:

  • Potential conversion of additional one-way streets to two-way operations or from 3 lanes in one direction to 2 lanes in one direction.
  • Completing the bicycle network with additional on-street bike lanes
  • Enhancing the pedestrian network through sidewalk gap closures, design features,etc.
  • Coordinating transit network expansion, including streetcars and light rail
  • Improving bus operations, including designation of transit priority streets, potentially with some exclusive bus lanes
  • Managing travel and parking demand

Since improvements for all travel modes may not be possible on any one street segment, the study will define the priority travel modes for each street segment.

How soon before we begin seeing some of these improvements?

The last step in the study process is a “Financing and Implementation Strategy” which will define the timing of improvements.