State of the Grid

Interested in the history, current state, and future of transportation within the Sacramento Grid? The “State of the Grid” discusses the strengths, opportunities, and challenges of all transportation aspects on the grid – bikes, pedestrians, transit, cars, and parking. Click the link below to learn more about the Grid and how the Downtown Transportation Study is looking to improve transportation in Sacramento.

State of the Grid Book

Sacramento Grid 0.0

The history of the Sacramento Grid dates back to 1849 and serves as a reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re going.


Sacramento Grid 1.0

The Grid today covers about 4 ¼ square miles. It is a transportation network that offers many benefits for different modes, but also some challenges as well. Here are some of the Grid 1.0 features:


Sacramento Grid 1.5

Sacramento Grid 2.0 will integrate a number of planned transportation improvements and programs to further enhance the downtown grid. Below are some of the plans that help to develop the basis for the study:


Sacramento Grid 2.0

The Grid has served us pretty well for quite a while, but it needs to evolve to better serve more trips from multiple modes of travel. While in the past roadway systems focused on giving priority to cars, this study will take a broader systems view in developing a future plan for the Central City’s transportation grid that effectively accommodates more trips using multiple travel modes. The photos below illustrate the “before and after” of several improvements that project team is evaluating as part of this effort: