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What is Sacramento Grid 2.0?


Sacramento’s downtown and midtown transportation network’s defining aspect is the Grid. Whether on foot, riding a bicycle, taking transit or driving a car, the travel patterns of those who live, work or visit Sacramento’s Central City are shaped every day by the system of gridded streets that crisscross the area. Many of us refer to the area bounded by the Sacramento River, Broadway, Alhambra Boulevard and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks simply as “the Grid”.

SACOG MTPThe Grid has served us pretty well for quite a while, but it needs to evolve to better serve more trips from multiple modes of travel. While in the past roadway systems focused on giving priority to cars, this study will take a broader systems view in developing a future plan for the Central City’s transportation grid that effectively accommodates more trips using multiple travel modes.

Sacramento Grid 2.0 will focus on:

  • Completing the bicycle network and enhancing the pedestrian network
  • Coordinating transit network expansion and operation
  • Managing travel and parking demand
  • Accommodating planned growth
  • Creating opportunities for economic development
  • Accommodating new and enhanced Downtown gateways